dennis winstead
About the Author

When asked why he chose to leave the topic of Africa and write about the Baltic region of Northern Europe for his third novel, international author D.A. Winstead replied, “Have you ever visited a hidden away place so beautiful that it made you nervous, scared almost? Have you ever seen a place that sat peacefully amidst an ancient forest so full of intrigue that only the most restless of minds would dare approach? Well, I’ve seen it and I knew I’d write about it one day.” Darkness comes fast and early in such places–and tends to stay longer than it should. Even the old churches seem wicked and dark, as if something creepy lurks behind every wall. And it gets much darker after sunset, as shadowy figures from the forests stalk the night.

D. A. Winstead walked these streets on a cold October night and wondered how many restless souls resided in this ancient Latvian town they call Jurmala. He picked the most haunted-looking of all the homes and that first night started writing Wiggle Rooms.