About the Book
Southern Crosses: An African Ghost Story captures the period in South Africa immediately following the Sharpeville massacre and traces the lives of a family that were forever changed following that fatal Monday, March 21, 1960. Now, fifty years later, Sarah Johnson is the epitome of success in the American Foreign Service. She is a successful, smart, black female who seemingly has the world at her fingertips. But she is still empty inside and unsure why.

Sarah’s internal search for reason and faith in a hard and cold institution begins by reading an old endearing novel on a long late-night flight that leads to Africa where two similar strong-soul, but worn-down women await her. Her alliance begins there, a place where she chooses to be kind to strangers and yet brutal and bitter to that hard and cold institution that made her.

In South Africa, Sarah is placed in her first real battle between good and evil, right and wrong, revenge and forgiveness as she and her allies set out to protect a poor South African family that almost lost it all after Sharpeville. Her journey into post-apartheid life in South Africa – mixed with ancient bush rituals, religious fervor and a ghost named Mary Margaret – will leave her forever changed and on to her next journey, on that long road back home to rural North Carolina, where reason and hope have always resided.

We all have our own unique ways of finding reason and hope, a new beginning, and the southern cross that shows us the way home.

The judgment of the Lord is sweeter than honey and
the dropping of the honeycomb.

Psalms 19:10

Southern Crosses: An African Ghost Story is a 2013 Finalist in the International Book Awards.

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"Dennis Winstead... I just finished the book.... OMG. This is the first book I have read in a long time that I want to read again... and/or discuss.... If you are doing any book talks, I want to go.... please come this way... Oprah needs to read this book!!!!" ~ Debra Cook

"His second novel, Southern Crosses, is a sweeping tale of Africa during apartheid and after apartheid. There's a bit of the supernatural to keep you from wanting to put the book down. Historically accurate, Southern Crosses carries a message for all." ~

"From the moment I started reading the first page, I was pulled in. Southern Crosses: An African Ghost Story has all the makings of a hero's journey. A character goes away to some foreign place (in this case Africa) only to come back changed. In this story of several women woven together by the arrival of an outsider, Winstead creates a canopy of pain, repressed hurts, and redemption. I love the lore of Africa and the elements of native mysticism; they pull me into a history of an area for which I know very little. From prejudice in America to prejudice in South Africa, this is a well-done literary work and one that will make you think." ~ Clay Stafford, Founder of Killer Nashville

"Loved it!!! D.A. Winstead releases his second novel, Southern Crosses - An African Ghost Story. Based on Psalm 19:10, “The judgment of the Lord is sweeter than honey and the dropping of the honeycomb,” this intriguing novel will keep the reader engaged until the very end. Traversing the lessons learned from the past, the Bible, a ghost named Mary Margaret, ancient bush rituals, history and human nature, D.A. Winstead has traced the journey of a family impacted by the Sharpeville massacre in 1960.

His novel reads like a post-colonial Southern novel filled with tid-bits of history offering glimpses of life in South Africa while intertwining racism in the United States and comparing South Africa’s history with that of the U.S. Through the use of fresh perspectives involving the novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” readers will find this book not only historically educational, but inspiring as it leads them to the Cross. This work is truly an enchanting novel to be cherished, giving hope and faith." ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews