About the Book
As brutal terrorist attacks continue in the heart of Khartoum, Sudan, the Islamic Government there is scheduled to meet with the new Government of Southern Sudan to negotiate the final piece of a weakening North-South Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

Although most in Washington believe that the Islamic leadership in Khartoum is responsible and likely using chemical agents to do its dirty work, others are eager to prove that something more sinister and evil is going on. Anthony Rodder, one of the U.S. Department of State’s senior counter-terrorism advisors, must go back into Sudan one last time and this time he needs help from the most unlikely sources. Help comes from two British women, anthropologist Karen Dupris and Archeologist Grace Lewis, who are both looking for the same answers to solve their own family mysteries.

With continued peace between Khartoum and Juba at grave risk and any chance of civil resolution in Darfur diminished after each attack, an end to this senseless bloodletting is a must.

Together, the three must once again re-examine Sudan’s violent religious history before finding the real cause – an ancient Egyptian curse. The clock is ticking for Dupris, Lewis and Rodder. Will they find the truth behind the Seventh Priest before all hell breaks loose in Sudan?

“Ancient bloodlines, political intrigue, supernatural events, and unforgettable characters all add up to make The Seventh Priest a modern day King Soloman’s Mines with a sprinkle of The Da Vinci Code.”
“Readers of adventure we be sure to appreciate the debut novel by D.A. Winstead, and will be equally happy to learn it is the first in his planned The Seventh Priest series.”
“With its unfamiliar yet intriquing Sudan settings and blending of ancient mythologies with modernday religions, this series is one I will look forward to reading.” 
~ Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and author of award winning Narrow Lives