The Seventh Priest

The Seventh Priest
Utopia Has Never Been So Wrong

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"D.A. Winstead makes his future world both real and frightening, and he shows the riveting truth: misguided notions of what would constitute an American utopia often backfire on those unwilling to see the truth; Utopia does not exist." — Tyler Tichelaar

"D.A. Winstead cleverly allows compassion, forgiveness, and reorientation that make his novel so very different from the now very popular films and stories about the ultimate destruction of America. Yet he does this with such sensitivity and pathos that makes reflection of the story after reading the book more a topic we all should carefully consider. THAT is the gift he brings to this novel - along with the myriad of other fine qualities that have made him such a respected author. Highly recommended." — Five Stars by LA-based Grady Harp a "Top 50 Reviewer"

"Just finished Ohio 2029. A combination of 1984 and Romeo and Juliet. Enjoyed it very much. Would like to see a prequel with all the infighting and the struggle to send the liberals to the Blue States. You have said a lot here about what happens to people when politics is taken to the extreme. Common ground can aid people with different opinions to resolve problems together. Thanks for a great read."
Jim Lanzer

"I purchased your book after meeting and talking with you at the South Carolina Book Convention held in Columbia, SC. You asked me to let you know how I liked the book. Well, I liked it - very much. It was interesting to read a post-apocalyptic novel that did not involve natural disasters, nuclear bombs or rogue machines. I am not one to spend time on a book if I am not really interested in it, and this one definitely kept my interest. Thanks for a great read."
Columbia, South Carolina.