About the Book
A group of strangers holed up in an abandoned church closed by the Catholic Church six hundred years ago sets the stage for an old world European mystery. News of the Messiah walking through an ancient city’s gate raises suspense and invites the question: What exactly is the Church of Rome hiding in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

Secrets in Rome run deep and are well-hidden, especially in less saintly places where bloody wars have stained so many lives. When a United States Senator’s daughter ends up in the same church and refuses to leave, Jules Bailey, who works for the American embassy, is summoned there to unravel the secrets. Jules has the same old soul and open mind and heart that she had in Winstead’s previous novel Wiggle Rooms: A Tale of a Fallen Anchorite, and the gift from her mother’s side is still with her and burning to be used again. When Jules teams with a handsome young Catholic priest, they must dodge those closest to them as the secret of the dragon bones – a secret no one should be told, much less can understand – is brought to life.

Full of Balkan lore, religious fervor, death, wandering souls, and guilt, Dragon Bones will keep you wondering until the very end: Will the young American witch and the priest solve the mystery of the dragon bones before the Vatican succeeds in covering up another angelic tale of Faith and Passion?