dennis winstead
About the Author

Award-winning international author D. A. (Dennis) Winstead was born and raised in Franklin County, North Carolina. Graduating from North Carolina State University and George Washington University, he began working for the United States Department of State soon after. As a senior government official at the Department for twenty-three years, Winstead focused on economic and security development policy and traveled extensively during his years of civil service—mostly in post-conflict nations in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Currently enjoying a slower life in Atlanta, Georgia, he writes fiction based on his travels and embellished by his experiences and cultures, old folklore and superstitions, and religious fervor.

Dragon Bones: Two Angels Leave at Sunrise is the author’s fourth work of fiction and the second of the Jules Bailey the Christian Witch series. This time Jules has ended up in Croatia, a place where Winstead traveled to numerous times following the signing of the Dayton Accords peace agreement in 1995, ending the Balkan wars of the 1990s. During these frequent visits to Zagreb, he traveled to Dubrovnik where he was inspired to write this story.